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Window Cleaning Burbank

Window Cleaning Burbank

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Burbank, We Love You!
Famous Burbank, located in the county of Los Angeles, you were at one time referred to as “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” on The Tonight Show and Laugh-In. Burbank Window Cleaning is here to help keep you beautiful! You are known as the “Media Capital of the World.” Burbank, you are the location chosen for many famous media, entertainment and production companies including PBS, NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Company, Cartoon Network, Viacom, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. Window Cleaning Burbank is proud to service the entertainment industry. Burbank, many major films have been made in your fine city, but by far, your claim to fame is Casablanca (1942) starring Humphrey Bogart. Bonnie and Clyde, High Noon, and Cat Ballou are just a few of the famous films made in “Beautiful Downtown Burbank.” Burbank Window Cleaning has the expertise to service all window cleaning needs for the film industry.
You are located 12 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, which is also serviced by Burbank Window Cleaning.
The Burbank Town Center is a favorite shopping center and is also used as a location for shooting movies, commercials and television shows. Window Cleaning Burbank is also experienced in window cleaning for shopping centers. Your Magnolia Park area on the west side, of the city has been used for shooting scenes for the ABC show Desperate Housewives.
Burbank, you are also home of the Bob Hope Airport, which is served by many of the major airlines.
Burbank’s airport, with concern for its citizens became the first airport requiring its carriers to fly quieter “Stage 3” jets. Window Cleaning Burbank is also proud to be of service to the major airlines.
One of Burbank’s most famous neighborhoods is the Rancho Equestrian District. There, residents are allowed to keep horses in their backyards. This area is next to Griffith Park to the south, Alameda Avenue to the north, Keystone Street to the west and Victory Boulevard on the east.